Wednesday 9 July 2014

I Shot The Band.

A few days ago we travelled with a local Norfolk band to the Welsh border to film one of their gigs.
Looking For Mango are a talented Norfolk five piece band who were signed up for the Ebstock Music Festival along with other bands from Cardiff and Liverpool.

We stayed overnight in a B and B in the pretty village of Whittington, a few miles from the event, and awoke  to the smell of bacon and eggs and the sound of torrential rain.
Whittington Castle, the view from our Band B

 We arrived at the Ebnal Hall venue where everyone was wearing wellies and carrying umbrellas.  Looking For Mango were booked to do two sets, one in the afternoon and one in the evening.

By evening the programme was over running by an hour and a half. LFM started the final set at about 11pm.  The place was absolutely rocking with three hundred people or so bouncing and jumping to the band from Norfolk.  Filming was a challenge in the midst of a demented smoke machine, illuminated by an impressive light show from the overhead gantry.  
LFM attracted fans like a magnet as they played into the night - in the middle of it all the camera was bounced and barged around in front of the stage.  A great gig.

"Looking for Mango" are a band with a great sound, watch out for them at Norfolk venues.  You will not be disappointed.
"Looking For Mango" Sound Check.

Listen to "Looking For Mango" on the link below.

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